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It only makes sense that another movie means another fest! Welcome to scruffy_love, the comm dedicated to a two month fest of fanfic and fanart devoted to our favorite characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow and James Norrington.

Take a look around, peruse last fest's fics, art and icons, check out the prompts, sign up and then get to writing (or drawing)!

Last Fest's Fic, Art and Icons

This time around:
One word Prompts
Sentence Prompts
Sign Up
Beta Volunteer/Request

biting_moopie, spiritsshadow and authormichals are the humble mods at your service. Have a question, comment or idea? Just want to talk about our favorite pirate and commodore or about the new movie? We're at your service and would love to help with anything you need.

If you cannot reach us that way, try emailing us at scruffyfest @ gmail.com

The new Fest deadline is July 14th